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Eugenie Lurvink

Eugenie   Lurvink

Born and raised in Monaco, studying in Moscow and the Netherlands. Eugenie Lurvink bathed her entire life in the most international environment, constantly challenging her preconceptions of beauty and finding novel interpretations to the fine art of makeup. Eugenie became increasingly intrigued by design and fashion, therefore applied to the Maastricht visual and fine art academy where she pursued her training and expanded her pallet of skills even further.

She returned to Monaco with her skills and passion for makeup. She quickly received her makeup artist diploma and pursued her career. Her creativity was always her strong point in all her makeup looks. Innovative, she sees the human face as a canvas,  makes an art form and  enhances the beauty of ones person.


Check out the EL portfolio featuring an array of recent work. Watch EL in action creating stunning unique looks captured on video for you to learn new makeup tricks.

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