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everything you have to know about permanent makeup

Tattoo, permanent, semi-permanent, microblading, dermo-pigmentation,micro-pigmentation, hairstokes, powdereffect, feathereffect, 3D hairestrokes, 6D hairstokes...No wonder you get lost. So many terms are used when it comes to permanent makeup, but let me tell you one thing you only have 2 techniques that are used not thousands. The rest is all marketing and invented names to make it all more sellable.

Before I start telling you everything about permanent makeup I would like to clarify what is Permanent and what is microblading as I have so many people asking me.

Permanent makeup vs Microblading.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic machine that implants pigment into skin by small needles that puncture at high frequency. The needles leave behind pigments that is implanted closer to the surface of the skin then a normal tattoo machine which goes deeper. So as a result, it doesn't last forever, up to 1to 2 years depending on skin.

Microblading, is the newest trend in permanent makeup, that originated in Asia. It is a Manuel scalpel or a small blade which makes tiny cuts to inject ink in. Retouches are more likely to be made with this technique, because the amount of pigment is less. Me, personaly I don't advise this technique because your are creating scars, scar tissue on the long term will prevent future hair growth and then the skin will no longer take the pigment. How are your eyebrows going to look in a couple of years? No,no, for me it's all a trend.

Why do permanent makeup?

There are many reasons, it saves time in the morning when you are in a rush, some of us have light features that they would like to enhance, or for when we sweat or lose our makeup in water activities. And for some it can restore from side effects of chemoterapy or radiation,trauma,or a burn... Let me tell you my story, for a long time I had no hair at the end of my eyebrows due to my teenager years plucking. It took me 20 minutes in the morning just to redraw my eyebrows everyday, JUST THE EYEBROWS! Not even my whole makeup before attending my classes. I woke up 5 minutes before my boyfriend to redraw them so he would not see me without eyebrows. It was such an issue! Till the day I decided to do them. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING! It takes me 1 minute in the morning now and no more waking up early.

The process is to implant pigment into the skin by small needles that puncture skin at high frequency. I use the long-time liner machine and pigments they are world renowned. I only use the highest quality pigment for my clients. To ensure a complete take of the pigment on the face, there are always 2 appointements schedulded 2 weeks apart. The appointement lasts for about 2, 2,5 hours for one procedure. More time with combined.

Permanend makeup fades. It can be amplified with the PH of your skin,oiliness, and enviromental factors such as the sun. Thats is why touch up will be needed. When you get your permanent makeup done in the beginning it will look very dark, then heal, peel, and fade to final result.

Cosmetic tattooing is safe althought there are no procedure that are without risks, such as an allergic reaction to the ink and infections. But as long, as everything is clean with a strict aseptic protocols for handwashing, gloves and use of a single-use disposable needles it all should be fine.

Lots of people ask me if it hurts ?

When I got them done it didn't hurt much, it wasnt comfortable but it wasn't painfull. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. On some clients I use numbing cream, but not for everyone. I do however apply numbing cream for the lip procedure on every client.

Permanent makeup has changed threw the years, to become more natural, better quality of techniques machines and pigment. My speciality as a permanent artist is to create beauty in the most natural way by working with colours and designs that will naturally blend with your skin tone. Wheter it is your eyes, lips, eyebrows your features will be enhanced. It will change your daily life for the better, never having to worry about your makeup smearing or rubbing off.

To book a consultation go on or call 0033683346584

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