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The Huda beauty remastered palette, she has heard us!

Can we take a moment here and talk about how fabulous this palette is? I am talking about the REMASTERED ONE!

When I first bought the 1st issue of the huda beauty palette I was so excited, couldn’t wait to come home and play with the palette.

1st issue of the palette

Let me be clear the matte colours of the palette are gorgeous! they are not very powdery and still pretty pigmented, which is ideal to not have any eyeshadow leftovers on the rest of your face. You can work really clean and smooth and get a perfect blend.
Now, let’s talk about the crushed glitters....

well, there was a problem, the colors are gorgeous but you can’t go in there with a brush, only fingers and once you apply the glitters they weren’t setting very smoothly... it was just a bit weird... a mix between a cream and glitter eyeshadow formula but that wasn’t finished or wasnt worked enough on... but we know our huda kattan

She’s a BOSS, so as she said in her blog it was a question of money.

the remastered palette!

Oh! YES ! Baby girl!

This palette is the better version of the previous one and she has done good! The matte colours are a bit different then the mattes of the previous palette. For example coco of the previous one was a bit more dark brown and the coco of the new palette is more of a warm brow, but overall the texture of the mattes are of a good quality, pigmented , and a very well to blend on eyes.


the crushed glitters!!!

The FORMULA is just so much better, they are pigmented, they feel more powdery, way easier to work with when you apply it, the eyeshadow looks smooth and even, once applied. The outcome is just way better. The little negative point, but in any way dramatic, is that still if you go in with a brush you get very little on it... you'll just have to use your fingers.

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