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Never without NARS!

Never without @narsissist !

Never without @narsissist I love This Brand one of my favorites! Why? Because Francois Nars got it all right when it comes to woman, makeup and skin. If you have been trying the narsissit products you notice that in every product there is a glimpse of shimmer. Why did Francois Nars bring glow in every product? Some might LOVE it some Might HATE. But let me tell you something your skin is not MATTE by nature, Your eyebrows are not matte either! Our human nature is to have shine that is what makes us look fresh and sorry to say alive! If your whole face is matte you won’t look healthy and fresh. Francois Nars knew it so in every foundation or powered there is shimmer not a lot of shimmer but a very subtile one... that is going to give you an amazing and healthy glow... even the translucide powder has a very nice pearly shimmer... I LOVE IT! And please try the Coppacabana highlighter as well it is to die for! FYI it’s one of Kim Kardashian’s favorites before her line. She made a makeup tutoriel with the @narsissist highlighter and the glow is Amazing. You must as well try there concealers they are covering and at the same time moisturizing and it covers the under bags perfectly... concerning the foundation they are covering, not full covering but medium coverage and will give you a healthy glow! They have as well very nice shimmery blushes and bronzing powders that I love to use and it blends so well with your skin even if you didn’t apply any powder before. Can’t go wrong with NARS!

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