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KIKO MILANo eyeshadows? no,thanks

Everybody goes to @kikomilano, It’s cheap cosmetics! It’s perfect when you don t like to spend too much on makeup, or if you like to test out colors on you. It’s actually perfect for the younger crowd. There are some products that I like glosses, some lipsticks, some blushes but DEFINITLY not everything. Their concealers aren’t great they don’t hold that well, i feel I need to put concealer on me every hour to hide the little imperfections and sorry to say this but I HATE HATE HATEthere eyeshadow, the basic line. It doesn’t last long, it’s not pigmented, after an hour the colours are gone so for me it’s a NO GO.the water eyashdows are good thaugh, pigmented and very colorfull, i just dont understand why no do there basic eyeshadow line the same? cause its bad.

Basic eyeshadow line, that I HATE

These are the eyeshadows that I actually like, super pigmented , I wonder why they don't do this as there basic line.

I am not saying that @kikomilano is a bad brand they have some good things but not the best either. If you want affordable eyeshadows that will last and that are better pigmented, I advise you Sleek @sleekmakeup it is a affordable cosmetic brand, and better pigmented. Their highlighter is to die for, if you LOVE highlighters and you want a more intense one I advise to try there highlighters.

Overhall Kiko is not a bad brand but its not my favourite, haven't tried any eyeshadows of them where my heart skipped a beat which is a Pitty because I know they work with a good cosmetic laboratory, I just wander why ? why not make them a bit more pigmented?I literally need rub my finger 10 times in the eyeshadow to see some pigment.


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