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Trend Alert! BYE CONTOURING! ( well not really) but this is one of the 2018 trend.

FLUSHED ROSY CHEEKS. This trend is taking over the super mattes and strong contouring, and gives your a more natural glowing healthy look.

How to:Take a cream rosy blush or if you don’t have one you can use a pink shaded lipstick, and for a more reddish blush you just mix those two (cream blushes just make the skin a bit more natural). Apply on cheeks, tip of the nose and over your lips. (The spots where the sun would burn) After that take cream highlighter, apply on the brige of the nose, and cheekbones and middle of the forehead. If you want this ultimate look, soap your eyebrows upwards as well. There you go you got the 2018 trend going.

credits @nikki_makeup

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