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Soap brows?????? WHAT ?!

Yes yes you heard me. SOAP brows.

This is the new season trend ALERT. This technique is actually a grand ma’s technique, it was used in the old Hollywood, and it’s coming back for a shout out. This is how to:

1. Use you eyebrow brush, wet it.

2. Take you clear soap, be sure that it is CLEAR, stroke on it a couple of times.

3. Groom them upwards

And THAT IS IT ! Super easy! this technique will give you bushier, more groomed, feathered eyebrows and will stay all day long.

It is is also very very cost affective! 2€ a bar of soap 🙂

As a makeup artist you can’t walk with your bar a soap everywhere, so I found a brand that had the soap in a little container which is easy for us to carry. And at the moment they are out of stock. West Barn Co @westbarnco #makeup #maquillage #soapbrows #trend #westbarnco #eyebrows #soap #fashionweek

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